Friday, May 15, 2009

I have a new cell phone that I can tether to my computer and use as a modem. We will see if this works up at Mule Days. Hopefully I will be able to post to my blog in the evenings now. I have a power source for the computer so that shouldn't be a problem.
I'm not really fond of the phone so if it doesn't work the way I hope it will, the phone is toast. For a "smart phone" it's really hard to use, there isn't a key board, it's all on a touch screen. I would prefer a key board to thumb type on. You almost have to use the stylus because the keys are so close together. It's terrible to use as a phone because you have to put that shiny touchscreen next to your head and it looks nasty when you're done. On the plus side it has a really nice built-in camera.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Getting Ready for Mule Days

Moonshine and I are leaving Sunday, May 17th for Mule Days. Wish us luck! I'm going to try to update the blog while I'm up there, we'll see how I do.

This picture is from a training show we went to April 25th. We got 3 firsts.

On May 3rd we went to a bigger show up in Norco and got 2 firsts. The horse people with their "fancy show horses" weren't really happy about that. Little do they know that Moonshine is a "fancy show mule."

This is the bedroll race at mule days. You get on a mule, drag a tarp to the other end of the arena, pick-up a helmeted (and hopefully well padded) "friend", and drag them back across the start/finish line as fast as possible. Sounds easy, right? Not really.
To the mule this is a giant blue monster chasing you across the arena toward a crazy person who is waving their arms to warn you that there is danger in front of you. When you get to the crazy person you have to turn around and run back toward the giant blue moster that was chasing you.
If you are really lucky, no one gets hurt and your friend is still a friend after being, practically trampled, wrapped up in a rope, and drug about 50 yards through "mule dirt". What more fun could you have on a Memorial Day Weekend?
Fortunately, Moonshine and I are way too smart to do this...OK, Moonshine is way too smart, I let my sister drag me through the "mule dirt" once. It's kind of like going to the beach, because you have dirt in places you didn't know dirt could ever be. But we won!!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Latest Play

I made a New Year's resolution to keep up with my friends, including updating my blog. It's still January so I'm not too far behind.

My latest play is "Angel Street." Most people have seen the movie "Gaslight" which was based on this play. It stared Ingrid Bergman and she won the best actress Oscar in 1944. This picture is obviously the from the 1944 movie. That's Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman. Great film if you ever get a chance to watch it.

I did the costumes and set decoration for the Redlands Footlighters production. I also have a small part as the housekeeper Elizabeth. I have a lot of fun working on these productions. It helps to keep me out of trouble.

This first photo is of Hanre le Roux she arrived from South Africa three years ago. My friend Tess Bertani took them. This one gives a good look at the costume and the set. Even I'm impressed with how good it turned out.

Here's a photo with me in it. I'm the one in the apron just in case you didn't know how a housekeeper might dress in Victorian England. The actor I'm talking to is Eric Gruenler. He's a retired Air Force Pilot and a heck of a lot of fun to work with. The whole cast is great.

I will be working on "Giants Dance" next. It's a comedy set in England in 600 AD. It sounds like fun, I'll let you know.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home again

I arrived home in one of the worst landings ever at Ontario airport. Usually planes land heading west but Monday was special. Because the Santa Ana winds were blowing especially hard we go to land heading east. This was after we made almost a complete circle around the airport in the lovely turbulent weather. I not particularly fond of flying in any circumstance but turbulence makes me especially unhappy.

Landing was just part of the fun. Once I got to my car, I had to fight rush hour traffic on Interstate 10. Not only was it windy but there were fires causing freeway closures. Why does living in Southern California have to be such an adventure all the time?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kids' Birthday

Today I attended Rose and Marie's birthday party at Pump it Up. I don't have any small children myself (my baby is 22) but if I did, I would have their parties there in a minute. There is a giant room of inflated bounce houses, slides, and other toys for the kids to play in. This includes the kids over 30 also. Then there is pizza and cake and presents in the party room. Best of all, no clean-up before or after. Donna says "Don't forget the really long naps!"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gilroy Gardens

I'm visiting Donna and her family. The whole family to Gilroy Gardens. I had a great time even if the kids were a little less than enthusiastic. We're going to the theater tonight.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My First Post

My friend Donna is a prolific blogger. Since I'm so bad a keeping in touch with everyone she convinced me that I should have a blog as well, so here it is. Enjoy.